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Offering you a diverse range of solutions to outsource real estate-related services.
Your Benefits
Streamline processes, reduce in-house costs and overhead, and improve quality control.

Our Services

MountainSeed's services enable you to exercise due diligence and support the valuation of commercial and residential properties. You can use our national network to find the right resources you need to support your lending and financial decisions.


Core Services


Managing the complete fulfillment of commercial and residential appraisals. Our team provides you with prompt, accurate, and secure appraisals.
What we offer:

  • Full-service management to place, receive, distribute, and deliver your valuation orders
  • A technology platform to place and track orders, and gain real-time insights 
  • A dedicated, in-house customer success team to provide you with updates and reporting

How you benefit:
Outsourcing to MountainSeed can reduce costs and overhead while improving productivity and quality control.


Delivering you convenient, fast, and consistent evaluation reports. 

What we offer:

  • Agricultural, commercial, hotel, land, and residential evaluations completed by an appraiser or non-appraiser

How you benefit:
Helps you comply with credit and lending policies; May be a suitable cost-effective alternative to an appraisal.


Providing an extra layer of protection to help ensure the accuracy and the completeness of your commercial and residential appraisals.
What we offer:

  • In-house review appraisers, who are licensed and certified 
  • A quality rating of your appraisal with a 1-4 score (4 being best)
  • Compliance with USPAP/FIRREA

How you benefit:
Uncovers credibility issues associated with your appraisals and helps you mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and provide quality control.


Examining and analyzing evaluation reports produced by an appraiser.
What we offer:

  • The examination of agricultural, commercial, hotel, land, and residential evaluation reports

How you benefit:
Protects your transactions by delivering a thorough review; Our reviews are completed by licensed and certified appraisers.

Value-Add Services


Verifying conditions of a commercial property with an on-site inspection and report.
What we offer:

  • Address verification
  • Building information
  • Exterior-only or exterior/interior(both)
  • On-site photography

How you benefit:
Determines property conditions with real-time photography and reporting. 


Rating each tenant's risk within non-owner-occupied commercial properties.
What we offer:
  • A report powered by Equifax, providing a risk rating of each tenant's business delinquency and business failure scores

How you benefit:
Obtains real-time data and insights on the financial health of tenants to help predict delinquencies or potential defaults.


Providing you with insights on potential environmental concerns associated with a commercial or residential property.
What we offer:
  • A provider for environmental reports, assessments, or searches at the time of valuation
  • The ability to provide your customers with the following:
    • PreScreen Report
    • Phase 1 ESA (Available with review)
    • RDS (Regulatory Database Search)
    • RSRA (Records Search with Risk Assessment)

How you benefit:
Identifies environmental risks associated with real estate and helps you understand the impact to valuation. 

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Why MountainSeed?

As a national provider, MountainSeed is an outsourcing solution that helps you customize services based on what you need. You can tap into our network and find the right resources for both commercial and residential properties.

Our experienced team is ready to help you navigate the appraisal and evaluation process. You can place orders conveniently through our platform.

From appraisal management and review services to value-add services, MountainSeed helps deliver solutions to meet the needs of your business and your customers.